»diptychs« by tim youd, who retypes entire novels on single sheets of paper.

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an extremely small part of me misses the rain

fuck tinder

"That love does not conquer all; people are super complex with their own motivations and sometimes love isn’t at the top of the list. I had to learn that the hard way."

What is a sad reality?


broken goods

Anonymous said: You're an amazingly inspiring person :3 your constant kindness and general good spirit is contagious, even if you're having a rough time. I admire you so much :)

Thank you. This really does mean a lot to me.





even if i posted every draft and shared every google doc

tonight’s 4 am won’t be any easier

i don’t know what half past 3 does to me but god i wish i were good looking

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"Happiness, I used to think,
was a necessary illusion.
Now I think it’s just
precious moments of relief”

— Philip Schultz, Greed

there are small, fleeting moments of hope that normalcy will return

but then comes the reality of how volatile this hometown is

and how my normal is a year out of fashion


it’s disturbing how deeply entrenched i am in this city

but at the same time, it’s comfortable

painful, but comfortable

you’ve scarred the insides of my eyelids

you make me drowsy

and i don’t know how to escape

until i remember

i keep dreaming about the old normal

or at least a return to it

and i wake up and it still feels so real

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